International Address & Postcode Look-up

From as few as eight keystrokes the Interactive tools can create an accurate postal address in correct country format for more than 240 countries. It can also return a full postal address from incorrect and partial data.

Ideal for contact centres, CRM and systems where the correct capture of address data is important for maintaining an accurate database


  • Enter postcode, city or street for complete list of matching data
  • Return a full postal address from a partial address
  • Identify the correct address, even with spelling errors
  • Format address according to country
  • Works with over 240 countries from a single interface
  • Improve deliverability of mail through accurate address data


  • Use pre-configured interfaces or choose between numerous Enterprise and Cloud APIs
  • Implement by integrating client applications via a wide choice of published API’s to provide a seamless solution
  • Use native-native address transliteration, or choose between the supported character set or Latin

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