Product Overview

The product is comprised of a series of interfacing components designed for processing and enhancing data in accordance with the specific requirements of the end-user. All tools can be configured for use with single country data and multi-country data.

Interactive address search and postcode look-up

This tool is often imbedded in the end-user online application such as a customer order entry system or web-site. The purpose of the interactive tool is to speed-up data capture by reducing keystrokes by up to 80% to ensure that an accurate, complete and consistent address is recorded on the end-user database.

Data cleansing

This interface is for accepting complete or partially complete addresses either as a single transaction or as a batch of data. The data cleansing process contains a number of algorithms (business rules) that substitute for the human decision point enjoyed by the interactive tool. The audit trail maintains a before and after image of the data processed and verifications, corrections and improvements are summarised in a data quality report.


All address data processed is available for output in component form (Street, City, etc.) and/or in mailing format according to the country standard.

These tools are designed to supplement an organization line of business application by providing a customer processing data hygiene layer to support CRM strategies and the pull-through of data insight such as business information and geocode. CRM requires a "single customer view" in order to fully understand the customer opportunity.

  • Speed-up data capture by reducing keystrokes by up to 80%
  • A process that provides a before and after image of the data

The addressing tools enable data to be standardized so customer transactions can be deduplicated at point of entry and enhanced to provide the necessary enrichment information.

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